Explore the Depths Aboard Our 42-Foot Dive Boat

Experience a Memorable 3 Tank Dive Trip on Our USCG Certified 42-Footer

Join us for an exciting 3-tank dive adventure aboard our USCG certified 42-foot vessel, the Emerald. 

Our trips depart at 8:30 am and typically return around 2:30 pm, offering ample time to explore the underwater wonders.

Why Choose Nitrox for Your 3 Tank Dive Adventure?

These 3-tank dive trips are ideal for Nitrox enthusiasts. Nitrox divers can fully enjoy all three dives while air divers can still participate in two of the three dives, diving to their computer's limit and not missing out on the action.

Gear Rentals Made Easy with Jupiter Scuba

Need to rent tanks, weights, or gear? Our local concierge delivery service, Jupiter Scuba, has you covered. Contact them at 561-614-4177, and they will conveniently deliver and pick up all your gear needs at the boat landing location.

Please Note: Charter Includes Trip and Delicious Lunch

Before booking, please be aware that our charter includes the trip itself and a fantastic lunch experience. However, you will need to make separate arrangements for any required gear, tanks, and weights through Jupiter Scuba. To ensure a smooth start to your adventure, we kindly request that you check in no later than 8 am.

Respecting the Sharks' Feeding Habits

As a responsible diving community, we prioritize the well-being of marine life, particularly sharks. To maintain a respectful environment, we kindly request that participants avoid wearing white or yellow fins or masks, as these colors can disrupt the natural feeding behavior of sharks.

Stay Comfortable and Safe

For your safety and comfort, we recommend wearing a full wetsuit that covers your skin, including gloves. If you have slip-on fins, consider wearing a pair of black socks to cover your ankles. Additionally, we advise wearing a beanie or hood to ensure a pleasant and secure dive experience.

Don't miss out on this thrilling 3-tank dive adventure. Book now and get ready for an unforgettable underwater journey!

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What is Nitrox?

Enhance Your Diving Experience with Nitrox (Enriched Air) - More Oxygen for Your Adventure!

Nitrox, also known as Enriched Air (EAN), is a specialized breathing gas mixture that offers a higher oxygen content compared to regular air, which typically contains 21% oxygen.

Unlock the Benefits of Nitrox Diving: 3 Compelling Reasons

1. Extended Bottom Times - Dive Deeper with Safety: Dive enthusiasts can maximize their underwater experiences by using Nitrox. For instance, a diver utilizing 36% Nitrox during a 90-foot dive will enjoy significantly longer dive durations compared to using standard air.

2. Speedy Surface Intervals - Dive More, Wait Less: Nitrox allows you to absorb less nitrogen than when breathing air. Consequently, the need for nitrogen off-gassing is reduced, leading to shorter surface intervals. Spend less time waiting and more time exploring the depths.

3. Ideal for Multiple Dives - Dive Longer, Dive Better: Nitrox is particularly beneficial for multi-tank dives. Divers using Nitrox can extend their bottom time, making it perfect for those who plan two or three consecutive dives.

Explore Nitrox with Jupiter Scuba's Convenient PADI Online Courses

We're pleased to offer PADI Nitrox courses through our concierge delivery service, Jupiter Scuba. These courses can be completed online in just one hour, with practical sessions conducted on the morning of your dive trip.

Seeking Skilled Divers

At Jupiter Scuba, we understand that certifications alone don't define a good diver. Here are some traits commonly observed in excellent divers:

1. Punctuality: Good divers arrive on time, respecting fellow divers and ensuring a smooth start to the day.

2. Preparation: Before tackling advanced dives, they either have recent experience in similar conditions or warm up with easier dives. Transitioning gear configurations is done thoughtfully, ensuring safety.

3. Gear Adjustment: When changing gear setups, they refrain from multitasking until they're fully comfortable with the new equipment. Safety is paramount, and risks are minimized.

4. Buoyancy Mastery: Exceptional divers maintain precise buoyancy control at all times. They're knowledgeable about their weight requirements, avoiding excessive lead. Being neutrally buoyant or slightly negative promotes safety and enhances advanced activities like photography and spearfishing.

Join us at Jupiter Scuba to experience diving with like-minded individuals who prioritize safety, courtesy, and the pursuit of unforgettable underwater adventures.