Delve into the ocean’s mysteries aboard our 42-foot US Coast Guard certified custom dive vessel.

Immerse yourself in the magic of a 3-tank dive expedition on the “Emerald”.

Join us for an extraordinary underwater adventure you won’t soon forget.

Depart at 8:30 AM – Return at 2:30 PM

For a seamless beginning, please make sure to complete your check-in by 8 am.

Please note that we provide an all-inclusive lunch for your six-hour diving day.

 Gear Rentals Made Easy with Jupiter Scuba 

Need gear, tanks, or weights? 

Contact our concierge rental service Jupiter Scuba, at 561-614-4177. 

For gear, tanks, and weights, you’ll need to arrange separate rentals through Jupiter Scuba. 

They offer a hassle-free concierge delivery service, bringing all your equipment to the boat landing location.

Click Here for Jupiter Scuba Rentals  

Your Safety & Respecting the Sharks’ Feeding Habits

As responsible divers, we prioritize marine life, especially sharks. 

To maintain a respectful environment, kindly refrain from wearing white or yellow fins and masks.

These colors have the potential to disrupt the natural feeding behavior of sharks.

 Stay Comfortable and Safe

For your safety and comfort, wearing a full wetsuit that covers your skin is a mandatory requirement. 

Additionally, we also insist on wearing gloves and a beanie or hood.

If you have slip-on fins, consider wearing black socks to cover your ankles. 

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Safety first! 

Secure your spot and get ready for an up-close and personal encounter with some of the ocean’s most incredible creatures.

 Explore Nitrox with Jupiter Scuba’s Convenient PADI Online Courses

Discover the benefits of Nitrox through PADI courses offered by Jupiter Scuba. 

These one-hour online courses prepare you for practical sessions on the morning of your dive trip.

Seeking Skilled Divers 

At Emerald Charters, we value more than just certifications. 

Excellent divers exhibit traits like punctuality, preparation, gear adjustment finesse, and precise buoyancy control.

Join us for safe, courteous, and unforgettable underwater adventures.

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