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Get Up Close and Personal with Jupiter’s Abundant Wildlife

Join Our Year Round Adventures! 

Get ready for an aquatic adventure like no other! 

Jupiter, Florida, is a wildlife paradise thanks to the gulf stream currents, bringing diverse marine life to our doorstep year round. 

At Emerald Charters, each dive promises an exhilarating three-tank journey, and we’ve curated a gourmet boxed lunch to ensure your taste buds stay as delighted as your underwater adventures.

Shark Encounters: Jupiter’s Shark Spotting Experts! 

We’re proud to be known as “Shark Spotting Experts” in Jupiter’s aquatic playground. 

While we can’t summon sharks on demand, we have a fantastic record of close encounters with various shark species. 

Dive with Bull Sharks, Hammerheads, Tigers, Lemon Sharks, and more. 

We’ve even encountered Whale Sharks and Manta Rays. 

Jupiter’s drift diving is like no other around; a true sensory delight

With manageable currents in crystal clear waters, it’s a must for certified divers who love the ocean. 

Don’t miss this extraordinary diving experience with Emerald Charters. 

Join us to discover the secrets of the deep; Each dive unveils Jupiter’s abundant wildlife. 

Book your spot today and dive into the magic! 

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