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April 28, 2010

I love the change of seasons down here. There's Lobster season, Grouper season, Lemon Sharks Season and my favorite, Bull Sharks Season. A friendly encounter with 15 or 20 of these guys while you're spearfishing can be exhilerating, Today was a highlight, Captain Tony took a day off from behind the wheel and joined me on the deep ledge. First dive, Tony plugs a big 53 pound Cobia and a 30 pound Cubera. The Cobia made it to the boat. The Cubera wasn't as lucky.Good thing I loaned him my stringer and lift bag, I wouldn't want to see someone else lose one! No big deal. Later we decided to hit the ledge again. This time I made the mistake of spearing a Bonita for my neighbor that says it is his favorite fish. The sharks went ape and put on a show that was better than any National Geo video I've ever seen. On the safety stop they persisted and one came by with a Cobia, I motorred over and made what I thought was a perfect shot. The 40 pounder went still and I kept it until we went up since i didn't have a stringer and lift bag(second mistake). At the boat, Bubba leaned over to put her in the boat. The shaft portion slipped out(ice pick still in) and the Cobia came to life. Bubba couldn't hang on and about wrenched his shoulder trying. The fish bitch slapped me hard in the face and took off with my gun in tow. In the top to bottom vis. I could see this poor Cobia being surrounded by Sharks and I decided to help. I scootered near and started beeping my Hammerhead to scare away the Bulls. It worked for a second. The Cobia, thinking the boat didn't look so bad after all, swam back to me and I was able to grab the gun. Capt Tony was right by my side and fended off the unwanted guests so we could do a second safety stop. Bubba, not taking any chances and at my request. grabbed the gaff (3d mistake) and hooked the fish under the gills, into my finger and through my gloves. Those that know me, know I'm not going to be pulled into the boat. Bubba. unaware of the problem at this point, he-manned the gaff. Fortunately my glove gave way and ended up in the cooler with the fish. My finger survived with a Band Aid Thank you Bubba! Fish in the cooler. Great day on the Deep Ledge. As much fun as you can have with your wetsuit on.

February 22, 2010

Running of the Bulls now in high speed. Every year about this time , the Bull Sharks get thick out on the deep ledge and attempt to intimidate divers. Actually. they are just hanging out and we get to see them. this photo is one of several bulls that was with us on our safety? stop. I like this picture because the Bull has 10 Cobia with it. The smallest is about 30 pounds. Yesterday a Manatee came into the Marina and slurped up some fresh water. UGLY! but very cool. He rolled over to get the stream directly into his mouth.

February 19 ,2010

Great week of diving. Cold on the surface between dives but great in the water. Temp still running about 70. Lots of sharks, Bulls on the deep ledge. Lemons, Nurses and Hammerheads. Today I set a new personal best sighting with a Hammer after my Hogfish that had to go an easy 14 or 15 ft. Looked like a truck. I air lifted my fish and followed it up to the boat . This amazing creature just followed me and kept her distance which was within my eyesight and just too close. Got a review on from a gang that did the Lemon Shark dive with me the other day. I expect they will post video soon. One of the best Lemon Shark dives yet. See you soon. Good news , the weather is going to be great this weekend. Give me a call and lets go diving!

February 7, 2010

Took the day off from diving so I have a chance to catch up. We have been busy diving and have had a lot of new good divers join us. Thank you for recommending your dive friends and taking advantage of my free FAM trips

With all the talk about the Kiteboarder that got attacked and killed by a Bull or Tiger shark this week, I was surprised to see how many divers still want to go out and see sharks. Too much nitrogen? We have been seeing them thick! The other day , we pulled up to our dive site and Capt Tony said,"Look a Tiger Shark! Dive, Dive, Dive!" Something wrong here? Everyone jumped in and a few of us got the opportunity to see this magnificent creature. On the Tunnels, I was spearing with a couple buds and was lucky enough to get a Cobia. Lucky? A huge Hammerhead zoned in on the catch and chased us out of the water. Andrew and Char took turns jabbing at the Shark while we slowly ascended. On the Lemon Shark dive yesterday we saw dozens of Lemons. One was rude enough to try to steal my speargun and my fish. We tugged a war until the stringer popped and the Lemon took my fish. A great spectacle for the divers that were there hoping to see a shark. Divers like to see sharks, It is the most requested thing people ask for when they book. Well we see them, so prepare yourself.

Here's a picture of a lobster trip we did this past week. On most trips this past week, we limited out on Lobsters for every diver. More good fun.


January 20,2010

Got out today and was happy to be out in warm ,calm seas. As soon as we hit the ledge, 3 fat gags swam up to us. I quickly gave them the trigger finger and pumped that baby like a semi automatic. I finger f***d all three and felt better. lLter down the reef I was surrounded by a bevy of Kingfish so I gave one 48 inches of hot steel and fought the Bull Sharks all the way to the boat. The Emerald is going out tomorrow, Wednesday to do 3 tanks, Focus is Cobia and Lobster, Thursday is a 2 tank deep ledge, Lemon Sharks and hunting. We loaded up the last few days of Grouper season. I am now ready to move on to other species. Join me as we memorize the location of all Grouper in Jupiter in anticipation of Grouper Mayday Mayhem! (coming soon!)

December 28,2009

Wasn't expecting it, but the seas were calm, the water was warm( 73 degrees) and a slight North Current. Dropped in on the Deep Ledge, (vis was over 80 ft) and shot a Black (probably the last until May) I saw another and it was difficult not to pursue, so I chased down a Hog instead. Went by the MG111( vis 40 ft) and shot a yellow jack that attracted a big female Lemon Shark. They're ba ack! I am expecting to see more and more Lemons in the next few weeks as the current picks up. Something to do in January, take video of Lemons instead of shooting Gags. Not going to happen tomorrow but will be out the rest of the week to finish up the 09 Grouper Season.

December 20, 2009

NOAA was wrong again. Seas at the inlet were flat and out in the open it was 2 to 4 but very easy and pleasant. We were a little chilled between dives, but managed to cuddle and stay warm! Pete traveled up to dive with us and was promptly chased out of the water by a Tiger Shark. Not very often we get to see a Tiger. Welcome to the big waters of Jupiter , Pete. Marcel and Randy put a couple of fat Hogs in the cooler , plenty of lobster and Marcel tagged 2 big 9 or 10 pound Dog Snappers in the same dive. Paul from Varian Charters brought these guys with him and they represented Varian well. Good shooting guys. Everyone went home with bag limit on bugs, Best catch of the day...Barry. He found a hogfish stumbling around the bottom with a hole in it. He went up and shot it with his finger and put it in his bag. Nice shooting Barry! Going back out tomorrow if anyone needs a ride.

December 17, 2009

No, where have YOU been? Alright I know I haven't written in a while but that doesn't mean I haven't been diving. Almost everyday! I added help save the Lemon Sharks to my to do list this year and am elated to let you know that Lemon Sharks will officially be added to the protected species list for Sharks commencing in February of 2010. I was only one voice in a united group effort largely organized by Walt Stearns, of Underwater Journal. I attended FWC meetings in Dania and Clewiston to convince the FWC that Lemon Sharks are worth much more alive than finned. Others including Save our Sharks, Ocean Conservancy and Guy Harvey Foundation added the data along with Dr. Gruber who has been researching lemon Sharks his entire life. The FWC found Lemon Sharks to be the most needy species currently and agreed to protect them. At Clewiston I was surprised to see Dwight Stephenson, (yes that's really him! ) former pro bowl center for the Miami Dolphins, as a FWC committee member. Being a former center in High School, I had to get a picture. I was also surprised to see that John Boy, former Walton's big brother has an auditorium in his name.

October 16, 2009

Lovely day out hunting. I shot this Black 32# and 4 Hogfish 17# total. The Black was special because I let all the divers head down the reef and as usual, they scared this big black right back to me. Dan got on the boat and said,"I saw a huge Black and chased it around for 10 minuters!" Did you look in the cooler, Dan?

This is a beautiful picture of Los Tres Goliaths hiding in the bowels of the Rankin. We took another trip up there to see the wildlife. There wasn't anything to eat but the beauty was filling.

We stopped on the way back near the Loran Towers and loaded up on dessert!

Friday October 2, 2009

Took a few friends out Friday on a day long journey to the USSRankin and points beyond. We had a great time. Granted, the emphasis was on hunting , but the company was great. John was kind enough to send me these pictures. We managed to put a seriously mixed bag in the boat including Grouper, Rainbow Runner, Sheepshead, Scamp and several bags full of Lobsters. Lunch was great and the conditions were pristine so we stayed late and did a fourth drop on some other wrecks in the Stuart area. Water temp is holding at 82 degrees and the vis is still 60 ft plus. See you soon.

Monday September 28, 2009

The conditions this weekend were the best. Top to bottom vis, mild current, warm water. Just gorgeous! The Goliaths are still herding on the wrecks and the deep ledge. They should move off in the next week. We traveled up to the Loran Towers to dive today and were pleasantly surprised to find the same ideal conditions and a bunch of really big lobsters. Hoping the conditions hold out for our Rankin trip this Friday. Still have a few spots available. Call me.


Friday Septemeber 25, 2008

Just a gorgeous day today. Had a bunch of tech divers mixed in with our usual good divers, so we did an odd asssortment of dives including the Hole in the Wall at 130fsw, The Sea Mist at 200fsw, The Jupiter Wreck Trek at 90fsw and a Lobstery patch reef at 85fsw. Everyone did not do every dive! On the first dive we took the 10 Hogs pictured between 4 shooters. Videogs went nuts at the amassing of Goliath Grouper at the wrecks and we even put a few bugs on board. The conditions were damn near perfect. Vis about 80 plus feet with a very mild North Cureent of 84 degree sea water. You could watch the divers on the bottom on the patch reef. Remember we are hitting the Rankin next Friday so if you want to join us , give me a call.

Wednesday September 23, 2009

Great vis and warm water all the way to the bottom. Couple of hot shooters bagged some nice fish. EVERYONE that was participating MAXED out catching lobsters. There were 3 of us working a spot that had more than 20 lobster on it. Lots of fun and a cameo Captain appearance from Captain Tony.

Friday September 18, 2009

Rolled out to the Marina in a "scattered showers" and got nailed. Scattered right on top of us for about 20 minutes and then sunshine the rest of the day. Had a couple of guys from GA on the boat for the last three days. They were quick studies. They took enough Lobster home to have an office party back home. Pleasure to have them on board. Vis was stellar at over 80 ft. Current was mild north and water temp was a baking 86 degrees. Out on the deep ledge, we just watched the beauty as the usual suspects swam about . Butch nailed a couple of nice Hogs and I put a couple of eaters in the bucket. 2 More dives provided max numbers on the marine resources.

Thats me with my free gooch glasses from the eye surgeon. Still having fun after all those dives!

September 16, 2009

Top to bottom vis. Good to see it back. I was expecting worse since we haven't had east or southeast wind in several days. The current is still light but moving North, so like a slow flush, the ocean has passed the nasty water down its pipes and returned us our fresh bowl. The NE wind did bring in schools of bait. There was stuff hitting the water the whole trip. We came across one mullet ball and Char jumped in with a gun to see if she could out predator any lurking predators. No shots. I got one picture of her as she swam up and through the ball. The bait just started circling her! Way cool, no shootables though. Those that could put a few nice bugs in the cooler. I am back in the water tomorrow with my new eyes. I hope it looks as good as everything has topside.


September 14, 2009

Holy Crap! Randy's back and actually updating his website. Ok so here's the deal. I couldn't see my keyboard and that was difficult. but after a recent trip to Orlando when I had to pull over on the interstate and get my binoculars out so I could read the big green signs... I decided to get eye surgery. This treatment is now pretty simple but expensive. The doctors guess that there may be some relationship between too much sunshine and extended high pressures of hyperbaric oxygen (nitrox) that may have caused the acceleration of cataracts at my tender young age. Or not. Anyway, I will be able to dive in about a week, but I can type now . So keep an eye out, if you can see, for exciting tales of our adventures on the Emerald. Thank you for your patience

Rankin Trip October 2

Friday October 2 we will be diving the Rankin. Always an exciting trip. Those capable are welcome to do this trip as a tech dive with whatever profile you want. I will be running 130' for 30 minutes with whatever plan vplanner gives me. Call me at (561) 248 8332 to reserve this limited space dive.

May 9 and 10

Wonderful weekend. I'll let the pictures tell the story. First picture a cool Haitian Anenome taken ny Bill Mahn

We came up on a huge baitball that was being attacked by Hammerhead and several Sandbar Sharks. Anita snapped a couple nice pics of a Sandbar. Notice the pectoral fins are slightly forward from the Dorsal.

This was a massive school of Jack Crevalle. In the thousands. They swam around us for a while. Bill got the definitive picture on this one.

April 28

Tuning it in for our annual Spearboard Open Spearfishing Tournament. That's what we call all of our hunting trips until May 16. Today the Emerald took a few hearty shooters out to explore. Seas were 2 to 4 and water temp was 74 with an occassional cold spot just below 70 degrees. We came up on several Grouper. Island Fever shot one out on the deep ledge and took him to the surface. Jeremy, who used to dive with me all the time, has been working the rigs in the gulf and hasn't picked up a gun in two years . He put 2 gags in the cooler and outshot me again! His family will be eating well this week. I was targeting trigger and found them in their usual hideouts. I took 2 and left the rest there for future use. I had a great second dive. A big hammerhead swam with me as close as 4 ft for over 5 minutes. I was on the scooter and felt like the synchronized team. I left him to chase a grouper. I caught the grouper and sent it to the surface on a lift bag. You guessed it! On the surface, the divers on the boat were treated to a violent shredding of my grouper. Captain Tony tried to get between the Hammer and the Grouper and was outmanuevered. I was able to get 4 ounces of meat from the leftovers. Oh well, anyone got a good fish head soup recipe?

Noaa is calling for flat seas all weekend. I have space available for a three tank dive Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday.


Wednesday Jan 7

We decided to go ahead with a three tank dive today after hearing the front was delayed. We did good. The weather held up until we hit the dock. On the first dive, out on the deep ledge, we were expecting to see some big fish as reported earlier in the week. We saw big fish alright... SHARKS! There were 7 lemon sharks hanging out with a school of Horse eye Jacks. On my safety stop 5 Bull sharks joined me and started circling me. As my friend Mike had said earlier in the week, these Sharks are acting very aggressive. We even had a nurse try to steal a lobster bag. I was happy to get out of the water. Second dive, we hit the Mother Lode and everyone maxed out on lobster. 3d dive Tunnels to see if any Gags came in. No but the usual Reefies were there and challenged me to an AmberJack I took. He lost. Another great day of diving with some great people. Thank You.